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Michigan MATCH (Managing Asthma Through Case-management in Homes)

The Michigan MATCH (Managing Asthma Through Case-management in Homes) program is an asthma case management model used by:

  • Hurley Medical Center (greater Genesee county)
  • Ingham Health Plan Corporation (Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties)
  • Kids' Health Connections – A Southeast Michigan CHAP (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Counties)
For a comprehensive look at MATCH, including detailed information on outcomes and sustainability
Download the MATCH Whitepaper.

Standard Program Elements of the Intervention

  • ≥3 Home visits (includes environmental assessment)
  • ≥1 Social Worker home visit/consultation for psychosocial intervention
  • ≥1 Physician care conferences (joint consultation with patient, primary care provider, and case manager) to make or update the asthma action plan
  • Case manager providing service is a certified asthma educator (AE-C)
  • All patients receive, or have updated, an asthma action plan
  • ≥1 case-manager visit to school/daycare as appropriate, work visit if requested by client

Visits are reimbursed by some health plans, which contract with individual MATCH programs. Referral to the program can be from almost any source, including: providers, health plans, nursing staff, allied health professionals, and the families themselves. The PCP and/or specialist is sent a letter informing about the client’s involvement and at discharge from the program.


  • Moderate to severe asthma as defined by EPR-3
  • Uncontrolled asthma, meets at least 2 of these criteria
    • 2 ED visits in past year
    • 1 hospital admission for asthma in past year
    • 2 unscheduled PCP visits for asthma in past year
    • 3 or more missed school/work days for asthma in past year

MATCH Evaluation Outcomes

The Asthma Network of West Michigan, Hurley Medical Center and Comprehensive Asthma Program/St. Joseph Mercy Health System participated in a MATCH outcome evaluation project. The MATCH in-home visits involve assessment of asthma triggers, consultation about how to reduce asthma triggers, and evaluation of the participant's asthma exacerbations.

Data was collected at the intake, discharge and post-discharge visits, regarding health care utilization, medication, symptom management, and impact on daily activities. Among 132 participants who completed at least 5 months and 6 visits of case management, the percent of people with at least one asthma related inpatient hospitalization in the last 6 months decreased 70% between intake and discharge assessment.

The percent of participants with at least one Emergency Department visit for asthma in the last 6 months dropped 51%. The percent of children who missed one or more days of school in the last 6 months due to asthma dropped 40%. The percentage of respondents missing at least one day of work dropped 63% at 6 months post discharge.

Evaluators concluded that when the MATCH model is replicated in areas found to have the capacity and burden to sustain such a program, participants benefit from greater control over asthma exacerbations. Costly urgent and extended care visits can be avoided, and there were fewer interruptions to daily activities for participants and their families. This has potential for significant cost savings for people with asthma and their insurance providers.

Help Promote MATCH

match service map Referrals to MATCH programs can be from almost any source, including: providers, health plans, nursing staff, allied health professionals- you can even refer yourself!

To Find Out More, Or To Refer a Patient, Contact:

  • Hurley Medical Center
    Counties served: greater Genesee (Hurley Medical Center's coverage area)
    Contact: 810-262-9591
  • Ingham MATCH Program (Ingham Health Plan Corporation)
    Counties served: Ingham, Eaton and Clinton
    Contact: 517-336-3777, visit www.ihpmi.org/MATCHAsthma
  • Kids' Health Connections – A Southeast Michigan CHAP
    Counties served: Macomb, Oakland, Wayne
    Contact: 313-863-2427, visit www.khcmi.org.
For questions about new MATCH programs: Tisa Vorce, 517-335-9463 or vorcet@michigan.gov