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Asthma News – May 10-13, 2019

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Asthma Program Staff. Sign up to receive weekly-ish news emails.

AAFA's Asthma Management Education Seminar - Thursday, June 13, 2019, 5-8:30 p.m.

This program, held at the Liberty School in Saline, MI, is designed to bring the clinician the latest information on the pathophysiology of asthma and allergy; current treatment methods; effective techniques for patient education; and ways to prevent asthma episodes. Cost $25, CE/CME available, light meal provided. Register today!

Evidence-based pediatric asthma interventions and outcome measures in a healthy homes program

An integrative review of 30 articles found that successful programs were patient-centered, included a home assessment and individualized education and interventions, and were collaborative.

Trends in asthma self-management skills and ICS use during pregnancy and postpartum

A long-term study found that maximum improvements in medication knowledge in pregnant and postpartum women with asthma were reached with 3 educational sessions, one session for inhaler technique. ICS adherence was maximally improved after one session, but not maintained postpartum.

FeNO Test Shows Promise in Detecting Polyps in Asthma Patients

While nasal polyposis does not cause asthma, it can cause chronic rhinosinusitis, which can exacerbate asthma. A new study found that the less invasive fractal exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) test might improve nasal polyposis detection in those with severe asthma.

Pediatric Asthma Lung Function Could Predict Adult Remission

A new study reported that baseline pediatric lung function metrics may serve as a valuable clinical prognostic indicator for eventual asthma remission. They also found that asthmatic children aren’t very likely to show promising remission prognosis.

Patients beliefs on intravenous and subcutaneous routes of administration of biologics

A recent study assessed patients’ preferred route of administering biologic drugs for severe asthma and their related beliefs and preferences. Convenience and efficacy beliefs about pharmaceuticals are important for physicians to understand in order to share decision making with patients.

Severe Asthma Global Evaluation (SAGE) Validated in Detecting Difficult Asthma and Comorbidities

The SAGE electronic platform includes a questionnaire battery for patients to complete prior to a visit with clinicians, modules on asthma and comorbidities, a clinical summary page, a panel discussion record, a nurse educator section, and an automatically generated report containing all relevant data. It has demonstrated validity in systematically detecting difficult asthma.