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Asthma Resources

Asthma Action Plan: Is an important part of each person's treatment plan. Learn about the plan, and get your own copy to fill out with your doctor.

Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma: There are national and international guidelines for the treatment and management of asthma that help health care providers correctly diagnose and treat the disease.

Coronavirus and Asthma

Michigan Asthma Statistics: Find many different statistics about asthma in Michigan.

Asthma News: Asthma research, events and opportunities. Sign up to receive these weekly-ish news emails.

Partnership Forum: AIM holds a yearly meeting for individuals and representatives of organizations committed to reducing Michigan's asthma burden – join us!

Asthma Educator Sharing Day: AIM holds a yearly gathering of asthma educators to learn (CEUs available) and network with each other – join us!

Medications: There are many medications used to treat asthma, learn more about them and how to use them better. For programs that help pay for asthma medications, visit our Patient Assistance Page.

Glossary: Asthma words and organizations can be hard to understand. Visit the glossary to find what they mean.

Insurance Tips: We gathered tips from insurance companies, nurses, doctors and real people who have been through the insurance system to come up with these tips to help you get the most asthma help out of your insurance.

Links to other Asthma Organizations

Contact Us: If you didn't find what you were looking for on the site, or were wondering where you could get more resources, contact us, and we'll try to help you find what you need.