About the Asthma Initiative of Michigan (AIM)


Michigan has a strong and unique asthma movement. Michigan's official asthma project started in February of 2000, when the American Lung Association of Michigan, Michigan Public Health Institute and Michigan Department of Community Health pulled together 125 asthma experts from across the state from public and private agencies with knowledge in the areas of clinical care, education, environmental quality and surveillance.

This and subsequent strategic planning help define shared goals, objectives, and strategies to address common issues in asthma. AIM’s work is accomplished through grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations, and through the many hours of volunteer work of our partners.

Strategic Plans

AIM Website

This website was developed to provide access to information about asthma and Michigan’s asthma activities, and help partners communicate. Learn more about this website.

AIM Structure

The Asthma Initiative of Michigan is organized by partnerships, interventions and surveillance.
  • AIM partners: can be any organization or individual with an interest in asthma
  • AIM interventions: developed to help people with asthma and their caregivers in many settings
  • AIM surveillance: used to help support AIM planning and evaluation of activities