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Asthma News – June 1, 2023

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) Asthma Program Staff. Sign up to receive weekly-ish news emails.

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Family Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Professional Connect Call ~ 6/22/23 @ 11 a.m.

The Family Center hosts free monthly live conversations for professionals that work with children with special needs (including severe asthma). June’s topic is Family Center 101. Learn what the Family Center is, what services and/or resources it provides and discuss ways to partner together to provide support to families.

Last Call! Join Our Study for Black Teens with Asthma!

If you're between 13-17 years old with asthma and identify as Black or African American, we need your help! Join our study at Eastern MI University, which involves attending a 2.5-3 hour workshop via Zoom, completing surveys, and participating in an exit interview. You can earn up to $100 in Visa gift cards for your participation. Contact Kelsey Jong for more information.

Healthcare Staff Survey: Health Equity Practices in Michigan Healthcare

This Mich. Dept. of Health & Human Services survey will assess the facilitators and barriers of healthcare facilities to address social needs and investigate to what extent z-codes and social determinants of heatlh (SDOH) screening tools are being used. Your input is crucial in helping us gain insight into health equity practices in Michigan healthcare! Survey closes June 24.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection during infancy and asthma during childhood in the USA (INSPIRE): a population-based, prospective birth cohort study

The absence of RSV infection in the first year of life is linked to a significant decrease in the likelihood of developing childhood asthma. This correlation is influenced by age and severity.

High likelihood for OSA, depression, poor asthma control in patients with asthma, insomnia

Having asthma and insomnia vs. no insomnia led to more diagnoses of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and depression/anxiety. Those with insomnia also had more asthma exacerbations per year vs. those without insomnia.

Children with asthma ‘bounce back’ with symptom control, lung function after COVID-19

Compared with baseline, 30 of 171 patients with asthma had significantly worse control test scores after COVID-19. Also, 33 of 114 patients with asthma had significantly worse FEV1 totals after infection. Overall, reserchers found no significant difference in any of the lung function measures on spirometry or in asthma symptom control after COVID-19.