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Asthma News – July 16-18, 2019

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Asthma Program Staff. Sign up to receive weekly-ish news emails.

A mixed-methods study examining inhaler carry and use among children at school

A small study found that efforts to improve inhaler self-carry at school should focus on educating children about asthma and inhaler use, supportive environments for self-carry, and fostering consistent implementation and communication about asthma policy among schools and families.

'Chaos' in the home linked to poor asthma control in children

A household where things just don't seem to run smoothly, there's lots of noise, little gets taken care of in a timely manner, and where relaxation is difficult, as well as child and parent depression, are risk factors for worse asthma outcomes in urban minority children, according to a new paper.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approves AirDuo Digihaler

The FDA has approved AirDuo® Digihaler™ (fluticasone propionate 113 mcg and salmeterol 14 mcg) Inhalation Powder, a combination therapy digital inhaler with built-in sensors that connects to a companion mobile application to provide information on inhaler use to people with asthma.

Healthcare resource utilization (HCRU), expenditures, productivity in asthma with/without allergies

Greater HCRU, healthcare expenditures, and lower productivity among patients with persistent asthma and evidence of allergy, highlighting the burden of atopy in patients with persistent asthma and underscore the importance of allergic endotype identification for more vigilant disease management.

Poorly controlled asthma common in pregnancy

The prevalence of poor asthma control during pregnancy is high among women in the United States, especially among the Medicaid population, and dispensing of long-term controller medication is low, new data suggest.

IgE Reactivity to Cockroach Varies in Children With Asthma and Rhinitis

A small study of children found that Immunoglobulin E (IgE) reactivity varies significantly with asthma and rhinitis in allergic reactions to cockroaches.

Spatiotemporal Variations in Ambient Ultrafine Particles (UFP) and the Incidence of Childhood Asthma

This is the first study to evaluate the association between perinatal exposure to UFPs and the incidence of childhood asthma. Exposure to UFPs during a critical period of lung development was linked to the onset of asthma in children, independent of PM2.5 and NO2.

Nasal Airway Microbiota Linked to Asthma Exacerbation Risk in Children

Children with asthma who had nasal airway microbiota populations dominated by Moraxella had increased exacerbation risk and eosinophil activation, according to the results of a new study.