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Asthma News – November 5-12, 2019

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Asthma Program Staff. Sign up to receive weekly-ish news emails.

Family History of Cancer: A Significant Risk Factor for Childhood Asthma?

A family history of cancer was found to be a significant risk factor for the development of childhood asthma. Clinicians should consider early asthma screening in children who report a family history of cancer to improve asthma diagnoses and outcomes.

School-based telehealth program reduces ED visits by pediatric asthma patients

Researchers report an association between a school-based telehealth program and reduced ED visits for children with asthma living in a rural and underserved region of South Carolina, though the role of the school nurse is an important part of the process.

Tiotropium Bromide Effective for Asthma Control Regardless of Baseline Characteristics

Tiotropium bromide is an effective add-on maintenance therapy for patients with asthma who remain symptomatic on medium-dose inhaled corticosteroids, improving asthma control and forced expiratory volume in 1 second irrespective of patient characteristics, according to new study.

Vitamin E Acetate Linked to Vaping Lung Illnesses

Officials tested fluid samples from the lungs of 29 patients in 10 states, and found vitamin E acetate – a common supplement that is sometimes used as a vape cartridge additive – in all of the samples.

FeNO May Assist in Diagnosing Cough Variant Asthma in Chronic Cough

According to the investigators, FeNO may not only offer a helpful algorithm to unravel the clinical conundrum of [chronic cough] but may also lead to reductions in misdiagnoses and healthcare costs.

Pediatric Asthma Plus Atopic Dermatitis Associated With Poor Sleep Outcomes

Using data from the Nocturnal Asthma and Performance in School study, researchers found sleep efficiency and nighttime awakenings were poorest among children with asthma plus atopic dermatitis. By ethnicity, sleep duration was highest in non-Latino white, followed by black, and lastly by Latino patients in the asthma plus atopic dermatitis group.

Effect of Seasonality on Asthma Exacerbations Before and After Mepolizumab

Mepolizumab reduced the number of exacerbations in patients with severe asthma, but exacerbations per month remained relatively stable throughout the year without a clear seasonal influence, according to new research.