Asthma Information for Teens

If you need ideas about how to make life with asthma work for you, visit the pages below and learn all about it.

All About Asthma: Learn the basic facts about asthma.

Smoking and Asthma: What you need to know about smoking and asthma.

Sports: Learn how to pick a sport or activity that will work well for you, and tips for preventing and managing asthma symptoms when you are active.

School & Other Activities: Does it feel like you're different from everybody else because you have asthma? Does it seem like asthma is making your life awful? Read our tips about how to make asthma work in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): If you have a question about asthma, check out FAQs from other teens, and see if the answer is already there.

Links: Find links to other websites with asthma information for teens.