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Michigan Asthma Resource Kit (MARK)

What is the Asthma Resource Kit?

The MARK contains patient education materials and reproducible handouts.

The Kit was developed to assist health care professionals and their office staff members in caring for persons with asthma in accordance with nationally established guidelines. The materials were designed to be easily read and understood.

A multidisciplinary committee within the Asthma Initiative of Michigan (AIM), a collaborative effort involving multiple partners across the state, created the MARK. Committee members included physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, asthma educators, public health professionals, and pharmacists.

Visit the health professional's page for information on asthma diagnosis, management, special situations and more.

MARK Materials

Additional resources

For additional help and patient information contact your local asthma coalition, or visit the EPA's Asthma Community Network.

Do you need help figuring out if your educational material is right for your patients? The AIM Patient Education Material Assessment Tool (pdf) can help.