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Asthma Guideline Implementation Steps & Tools (GIST)

The Asthma Guideline Implementation Steps & Tools (GIST) project was funded in 2010 by the National Asthma Control Initiative (NACI) to develop a program that makes it easier for primary care clinicians to use the NHLBI asthma guidelines in their everyday care of patients with asthma.

GIST was a developed by statewide team of experts in asthma and practice redesign, and created a set of tools and a program to implement them, led by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Asthma Program. The GIST Stepwise Approach was updated with information from the 2020 Focused Updates to the Asthma Management Guidelines: A Report from The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Expert Panel Working Group.

You are welcome to use the GIST materials to improve asthma care in your practice or in any other way. Use this implementation guide to help make the implementation easier and more effective. For more information about GIST, contact Tisa Vorce vorcet@michigan.gov.

GIST Materials can be individualized to suit your organization/practice

GIST Implementation and Asthma Practice Resources

Asthma Action Plans

  • AIM electronic AAPs are available as writable PDFs in 3 age groups: 0-4, student (5-18) and adult. They include all the possible medications and dosages for each age group and can be customized for your office by inserting practice information at the top and pre-setting any standard directions. Other asthma action plans are also available – if you are looking for something standard or special, such as an extremely simple plan, or one in Spanish.


Spacers/Valved-holding Chambers (VHCs)

Spacers/valved-holding chambers are an important part of medication delivery, but can be hard for patients to access. Michigan Medicaid plans now allow 4 spacers/VHCs each year, at the pharmacy, with no prior authorization. Fee for service members can have any device that is Aerochamber® brand. Learn more about spacer/VHC access.

A practice may also call the DME directly with the script, then the DME mails or delivers the device to the home.

Patient Handouts

  • Patient handouts on many topics (triggers, medications, insurance, devices, warning signs, etc.) in a printable, easy-to-understand format from the Michigan Asthma Resource Kit (MARK)

Managing Asthma Through Case Management in Homes (MATCH)

MATCH programs provide in-home asthma case management for people with moderate to severe persistent asthma in certain communities. These visits may be a health plan benefit.

Practice Redesign

Other Resources