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Asthma Initiative of Michigan Partners

Partnerships with people and organizations are the keys to AIM's success. AIM partners work together in many ways: by participating on committees or project teams, by networking with others at the AIM Partnership Forum, or by working locally in asthma coalitions. For more information about Michigan’s asthma work, read our latest strategic plan.

Partnership Forum

The Asthma Initiative of Michigan Partnership Forum is a meeting for individuals and representatives of organizations committed to reducing Michigan's asthma burden. The Forum provides opportunities to link state and local level partners, promote awareness of asthma-friendly policies, and spread best-practice findings through presentations, updates and networking.

Michigan Asthma Advisory Committee

  • Members: Staff, Subcommittee Co-Chairs and Consortium of Asthma Coalitions Chair
  • Purpose
    • Provides advice and expertise toward the implementation of the Michigan Asthma Strategic Plan
    • Review/advise AIM evaluation plans
    • Coordination & facilitation between sub-committees/project groups
    • Membership/sustainability issues
    • Advises Mich. Asthma Communication Network (MACN) as needed, MACN will coordinate and facilitate communication between subcommittees and project teams


  • Members: co-chairs, staff support, subject area experts
  • Purpose: Source of expertise and long-term guidance for subject area, provide timely coordination of project team activities

Project Teams

  • Members:
    • Project coordinator- AIM staff
    • Project leader- AIM member
    • Team members- from asthma community as appropriate & interested
  • Meets as needed, with short, defined term
  • Purpose: Accomplish defined activities with tangible product, use project planning form
  • Formed by Subcommittees or Steering Team

Community Asthma Partners