Inhaled Medications

Inhaled asthma medications work well and have fewer side effects than medications taken in tablet form. But "inhalers" or "MDIs" are only effective if they are taken the right way. Click on the following links to find out more.

What's the best way to use your inhaler? Find information and pictures about using inhalers or watch a video that shows you how to use an inhaler the right way.

Did you know that using a spacer or valved-holding chamber could make your medications work even better? Find information and pictures of the best ways to use spacers and valved-holding chambers.

Learn more about diskus inhalers, and watch a video on how to use one the right way.

Learn more about each of the medications used to treat asthma.

Some inhalers now include counters so you always know how many puffs are remaining in the device. For those that do not have counters, there are a variety of methods to determine how many puffs (i.e., how much medicine) are left. Get a check off sheet that can help you keep track of how many puffs are left in your inhaler.