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Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP)

History of CSHP in Michgian

The State of Michigan State Board of Education adopted the "Policy on Coordinated School Health Programs to Support Academic Achievement and Healthy Schools" in 2003. Coordinated School Health Programs (CSHP) can positively impact student academic achievement and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and judgment essential to help them make healthy and responsible choices in life. The Board recommends that each school district develop, adopt, and implement, to the extent that resources permit, a comprehensive plan for a Coordinated School Health Program that:

  • Responds to the needs, preferences, and values of families and the community
  • Emphasizes a positive youth development approach
  • Is based on models that demonstrate evidence of effectiveness
  • Makes efficient use of school and community resources

The Coordinated School Health Program model includes the following eight components: Health Education; Physical Education; Health Services; Family and Community Involvement; Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services; Nutrition Services; Healthy School Environment, and Health Promotion for Staff. The eight-component model is based on the premise that the health of school-age youth is dependent upon a systems approach that addresses program, policy, services, and environment issues.

Forming a Coordinated School Health Team:

  • Each school district establishes a School Health Council
  • Each school building establishes a School Health Team
  • Each Council/Team should include a diverse representation of school staff, families, students, and members of the community to oversee and evaluate the Coordinated School Health Program and make recommendations to the school board
  • Partner with other school and/or health related agencies and organizations

Healthy School Action Tool Assessment (HSAT)

The HSAT Assessment and Action Plan helps schools to assess and take positive action in the eight Coordinated School Health areas of the school health environment. By completing the HSAT assessment and action plan a school health team will:
  • Identify school strengths
  • Identify school weaknesses
  • Develop an online Action Plan


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