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Asthma Social Media Messages

These messages are created monthly by the MDHHS Asthma Program to help you share accurate and timely information through your networks. Contact Tisa Vorce at VorceT@michigan.gov for additional information about asthma social media messaging. Sign up to receive weekly-ish news emails.


What do you know about #asthma? Take this quiz and learn lifesaving facts. https://bit.ly/3Ho19eE

It takes about 2 weeks for the flu shot to fully protect you, so get vaccinated now, especially if you have #asthma https://bit.ly/2z1UB1i

Think your child can outgrow asthma? It’s a myth! Read about other #asthma myths & learn the facts @ https://bit.ly/1TrdPnI


what happens in your lungs when you have asthma You can outgrow asthma. You can’t exercise if you have asthma. If you aren’t wheezing, it isn’t asthma. All myths! Read about asthma myths & learn the facts @ https://bit.ly/1TrdPnI

What do you know about asthma? Take this quiz and learn basic asthma information. It could save a life! https://bit.ly/3Ho19eE


Asthma causes the airways to get narrow and clogged. Asthma medicines treat the swelling and squeezing of the airways. Learn more about #asthma @ https://www.aafa.org/asthma-symptoms/
#FightFlu #PublicHealth