Asthma News – July 14 to July 20, 2017

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Asthma Program Staff.

AAFA's Asthma Management Education Seminar - August 9, 5-8:30 p.m.

This program, held at the St. Clair County Administration Building in Port Huron, MI, is designed to bring the clinician the latest information on the pathophysiology of asthma and allergy; current treatment methods; effective techniques for patient education; and ways to prevent asthma episodes. Cost $25, CE/CME available, light meal provided. Register today!

Asthma Is More Difficult to Control in Patients With Fibromyalgia, Study Shows

Elevated anxiety and depression may be two symptoms that could partially explain why fibromyalgia patients who also have asthma have poorer control of their disease than asthmatics without fibromyalgia.

Obese Asthmatics Have Decreased Surfactant Protein-A Levels

A decrease in surfactant protein A could be caused by the lack of an important immunoregulatory protein, and may explain why obese asthma patients have harder-to-treat symptoms than their lean and overweight counterparts, according to a new study.

Diagnosis and Management of Asthma in Adults: A Review

A new JAMA study analyzed the best methods to diagnose and treat asthma, and found effective treatment of asthma must include a physical, breathing exams and a review of health history.

High rates of respiratory problems linked to indoor lifeguard work

Lifeguards who spend more than 500 hours a year working at indoor pools are two to six times more likely than colleagues who are exposed less often to have coughs, asthma, and throat and eye irritation, according to a small Canadian study.

How the New Asthma Yardstick Measures Up

Leading allergists and pulmonologists recently developed the Asthma Yardstick, which uses patient profiles to help doctors determine next steps for treatment of severe asthma.