Asthma News – April 21-25, 2017

Current asthma research, announcements and opportunities, collected and distributed by Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Asthma Program Staff.

AIM Partnership Forum - June 6 - Lansing - Register today!

Register today for the AIM Partnership Forum: June 6 at LCC West in Lansing. Participants will network with partners, hear updates on state asthma program initiatives and learn about emerging issues in asthma management.

Asthmatic schoolchildren are 'uncomfortable' using their inhalers

In a survey of nearly 700 schoolchildren, half of them were not controlling their asthma optimally, a third with an inhaler said they were uncomfortable using it at school, and almost a third with an inhaler did not use it with symptoms.

Discrimination linked to increased pediatric asthma rates

Researchers found that African-American children who reported discrimination had a 78% greater risk of having asthma than participants who did not report discrimination. They also found that discrimination was a predictor of poorly-controlled asthma in children.

Managing the pediatric patient with refractory asthma: a multidisciplinary approach

A review of a structured approach to management of problematic severe asthma in children, highlighting the roles of the multidisciplinary team at various stages of assessment and focusing on prominent themes in the identification and treatment of modifiable factors.

Protecting Nonsmokers from Secondhand Marijuana Smoke (pdf)

With the expansion of legalized marijuana laws, there are a lot of questions about secondhand marijuana smoke and its effects on the non-smoker. Americans for Nonsmokers' Right's newly published position paper, is the first to start dealing with these important questions.

Changes To Federal Insurance Plans Could Hurt Families Of Chronically Ill Kids

A new study examines the spending impact of shifting chronically ill kids from the Children's Health Insurance Program to policies offered on the marketplaces established under the federal health law. The out-of-pocket costs to these children's families would likely rise - in some cases dramatically - following a change to marketplace coverage.

Patients with asthma give ED doctors their thoughts on treatment goals

Researchers found that a patient-centered outcome measurement for emergency department patients being discharged with asthma should include assessment of symptom improvement, medication access, medication use, and asthma knowledge.