Asthma Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities

Particle Pollution and Your Patients' Health

  • Free, 1.2-hr CME/CNE to help physicians, nurses and other clinicians learn more about particulate matter or PM, the main component of haze, smoke, and dust, and help educate their patients how to reduce risk from exposure.
  • More about outdoor air quality and asthma

Prime CME Asthma Toolkit

From Prime CME/CE
  • Free, 1.25-hr CME/CE panel discussion on type 2 asthma management
  • Free, 1.0-hr CME/CE case-based video on overcoming barriers in moderate-to-severe asthma
  • Free, 0.75-hr CME/CE case-based videos on personalized treatment
  • Additional resources: patient handout on asthma control, motivational interviewing guide, and a quality measures checklist, train-the-trainer kit for patient group teaching
  • More about asthma management

Asthma Management and Education

From Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Diagnosis of Work-related Asthma

From Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Asthma Motivational Interviewing

From St. Paul College/Minnesota Department of Health

Ozone and Your Patient's Health

From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Michigan asthma events frequently provide opportunities to earn various health professional credits, check our asthma event calendar for one near you.