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Washtenaw Asthma Coalition

Washtenaw Asthma Coalition logo


Strategic planning started in November 2001. The membership convened and developed a new mission and vision.

The mission of the Washtenaw Asthma Coalition is to prevent the development of asthma and to improve the quality of life of asthmatics through community-wide collaboration.


  • All providers are practicing consistent evidence-based medicine resulting in decreased emergency room visits, fewer lost school and work days, fewer hospital admissions for asthma;
  • Individuals with asthma and their families, know and practice appropriate self-management; and,
  • The community takes action to prevent and manage asthma.


The Washtenaw Asthma Coalition (WAC) was originally formed in 1995 as the Asthma Surveillance Team (AST). AST was convened as an ad hoc work group of local asthma experts with the objective of writing and disseminating recommendations in response to data showing that areas of the County had asthma rates higher than both the State and Nation. The Asthma Profile of Washtenaw County: Findings of the Washtenaw County/Asthma Surveillance Team, completed in 1997, still are considered to be a benchmark in the surveillance and development of objectives in the State of Michigan.

In 1999 AST changed their name to the Washtenaw Asthma Coalition and started the process of developing a broader membership and more formalized structure. Membership in WAC remains voluntary with in-kind support from members’ organizations. The Project Director position is jointly funded through the Washtenaw County Health Department, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Health System, and the University of Michigan Health System.


Division of General Pediatrics
University of Michigan Medical System
6-22 North Ingalls Bldgl, Box 0456
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0456


Karla Stoermer Grossman, RN, BSN, AE-C