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Asthma Initiative of Michigan – 2015 Partnership Forum

Lansing Community College, West Campus
Lansing, MI 48917
June 10, 2015

AIM Partnership Forum participants will convene to network with partners, hear updates on state asthma program initiatives and learn about emerging issues in asthma management. Topics include dentistry and asthma, health literacy, an introduction to Child & Adolescent Health Centers, Youth Behavior Risk Factor Survey results and outcomes from a Kent County Head Start asthma project.



Why is a Dentist Interested in Children with Asthma?
Dr. Karen O’Rourke
Dr. Karen O’Rourke

Additional Materials
Measuring Quality of Care in Pediatric Asthma
Dr. Toby Lewis
Dr. Toby Lewis – University of Michigan
aim partnership forum
aim partnership forum
Asthma in High School Kids – A Look at Prevalence and Related Behavioral Risk Factors
Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl – Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Asthma Program
Reducing Disparities and Promoting Health Equity Through Addressing Health Literacy
Marolee Neuberger
Marolee Neuberger – Michigan State University, Department of Family Medicine
Child and Adolescent Health Centers: Primary Care Within Arm’s Reach
Taggert Doll
Taggert Doll – Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Child & Adolescent Health Center Program
Angela Reed
Angela Reed – Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Child & Adolescent Health Center Program
How Policy Can Protect Public Health: Asthma and Energy Policy
Rory Neuner
Rory Neuner – MI Air MI Health
Ken Fletcher
Ken Fletcher – American Lung Association in Michigan
Kathleen Slonager
Kathleen Slonager – Asthma and Allergy Foundation of Michigan
West Michigan Asthma Collaborative
Karen Meyerson
Karen Meyerson – Asthma Network of West Michigan

Meeting Resources

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