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The Asthma Initiative of Michigan produced a quarterly e-newsletter that included a calendar with topical information and other news of interest to both people with asthma and health professionals for many years. You will find the archive for these newsletters on this page.

If you would like to receive Asthma News, a weekly email digest of Michigan asthma information, opportunities and news, send an email to GetAsthmaHelpInfo@gmail.com with your name and email address with a request to be added to the listserv. We do not sell email addresses or any information about you to anyone – see our privacy policy for more information.

2016 Newsletters

Summer 2016
Asthma & Obesity

Spring 2016
Being Active with Asthma

Winter 2016
If It's Not Asthma, Then What Is It?

2015 Newsletters

Fall 2015
Tobacco 21

Summer 2015
Mouth Breathing & Asthma

Spring 2015
E-cigarettes & Asthma

Winter 2015
People with Disabilities: Barriers to Good Healthcare

2014 Newsletters

Fall 2014
New Help for Women with Asthma

Summer 2014
Asthma & Our Changing Climate

Spring 2014
The PATH To Managing Chronic Conditions

Winter 2014
Making Your Home Healthy

2013 Newsletters

Fall 2013
Got Asthma? Get a Flu Shot!

Summer 2013
School Health Center Spirometry Project

Spring 2013
Outcomes from Michigan's MATCH Program

Winter 2013
Article on Allergy Testing for Asthma.

2012 Newsletters

Fall 2012
Article on Asthma and Obesity.

Summer 2012
Article on Bronchial Thermoplasty.

Spring 2012
Article on PACE Plus Study, and information on Michigan Asthma Camps this summer.

Winter 2012
Article on Asthma Action Plans.

2011 Newsletters

Fall 2011
Article on Asthma Guideline Implementation Steps & Tools (GIST).

Summer 2011
Article on evaluation of FLARE ED discharge instructions and an opportunity for CDC CEUs for health professionals to learn more about disabilities.

Spring 2011
Article about the Children's Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) and information on Michigan asthma camps.

Winter 2011
Article about the AE-C exam and tips on exercising in cold weather.

2010 Newsletters

Summer 2010
Article on Care for the Hospitalized Asthma Patient and Michigan Asthma Hospitalization Statistics. Also a summary of our second AIM Partnership Forum.

Spring 2010
Article on asthma and ozone and information about the new U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety requirements for use of Long Acting Beta-Agonists (LABA).

Winter 2010
Article on H1N1 and asthma and a summary of the first AIM Partnership Forum.

2009 Newsletters

Fall 2009
Article on the asthma and the school environmentand our guest asthma educator answers a question about peak flow meters vs spirometry.

Summer 2009
Article on probiotic supplements and our guest asthma educator answers a question about asthma and emotions.

Spring 2009
Article on the Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) program and our guest asthma educator answers a question about an alternative treatment for asthma.

Winter 2009
Articles on the Asthma Predictive Index, Changes to Inhalers, and our guest asthma educator answers a question about when to use a quick relief inhaler.

2008 Newsletters

Fall 2008
Article on Nebulizers vs. MDIs and our guest asthma educator answers questions on dairy products and asthma.

Summer 2008
Article on exercise and asthma, information about asthma and thunderstorms - are they related? And our guest asthma educator answers questions on HFA inhalers.

Spring 2008
Article on Vocal Cord Dysfunction, tips on how to use less irritating cleaners, and our guest asthma educator answers questions on asthma medications and side effects.

Winter 2008
Article on the difference between COPD and asthma, tips on how to stop smoking, and a reader asks, "What exactly is an asthma educator?"

2007 Newsletters

Fall 2007
Article on the importance of a Flu Shot, tips on how to prevent work related asthma and what to do if you do have work related asthma, and a reader "asks an asthma educator" about the new asthma guidelines.

Summer 2007
Article on asthma screenings, tips on how to get a better night's sleep with asthma, and the first "Ask an Asthma Educator" feature. 

Spring 2007
Article on the Myth of Outgrowing Asthma, tips on how to garden with asthma, and a focus on World Asthma Day.

Winter 2007
Article on the new HFA Asthma Drugs, Asthma New Years Resolutions, and an overview of the Detroit Alliance for Asthma Awareness.

2006 Newsletters

Fall 2006
Article on asthma clinical trials, tips on how to avoid and prevent spreading the flu, and an overview of the Michigan Healthy School Action Tool.

Summer 2006
Article on Spirometry Testing, tips on how to use a peak flow meter, and a recap of the AIM Homecoming and presentation of the newly revised strategic plan for asthma.

Spring 2006
Article on Clean School Bus USA, tips to be environment and asthma friendly, and an introduction to the F.L.A.R.E. plan

Winter 2006
Article and statistics on asthma mortality, tips for parents on whether to send their child to school

2005 Newsletters

Fall 2005
Article on airway remodeling, fall asthma tips.

Summer 2005
Article and statistics on the ED relapse study, alternative asthma treatments

Spring 2005
Article and statistics on work related asthma, summer camp tips

Winter 2005
Article and statistics on nutrition and asthma, tips on MDI use.

2004 Newsletters

Fall 2004
Article and statistics on the genetics of asthma, nebulizer treatment tips

Summer 2004
Article on obesity and asthma, pollen & mold tips, obesity statistics

Spring 2004
Article on smoking and asthma, vacation tips, smoking and asthma statistics.

Winter 2004
Article on indoor air pollution, tips on cold medication, winter and flu shot statistics.

2003 Newsletters

Fall 2003
Article on work-related asthma, fall and holiday tree asthma tips, work-related asthma statistics.

Summer 2003
Article on ozone and asthma, back to school tips, summer asthma statistics.

Spring 2003
Article on spring allergies and asthma, tips on inhaler use, spring asthma statistics.

Winter 2003
Article on winter and asthma, tips on inhaler use, winter asthma statistics.