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Asthma Educator Sharing Day – 2015

October 30, 2015
Hannah Community Center
East Lansing, MI



Advances in Care for Acute Asthma
Dr. Randall Brown
Dr. Randall Brown, University of Michigan
Center for Managing Chronic Disease
An Update on New Asthma Medications & Devices
Dr. Karen Kain
Dr. Karen Kain, Munson Medical Center
NAECB Update/National Standards for Asthma Self-Management Education
Karen Meyerson
Karen Meyerson, Asthma Network of West Michigan

NAECB Handbook (pdf)
National standards for asthma self-management education (pdf)
Asthma Educator Sharing Day
Asthma Educator Sharing Day

Lessons Learned in Asthma Program Delivery & Dissemination
Elena Kaltsas
Elena Kaltsas, University of Michigan
Center for Managing Chronic Disease
The Origins of Asthma and Allergy: Lessons from Birth Cohorts
Dr. Christine Cole Johnson
Dr. Christine Cole Johnson, Henry Ford Health System
Asthma Education in the Trenches
Karla Stoermer-Grossman
Karla Stoermer-Grossman, University of Michigan Health System

Asthma Clinical Care Guidelines
UM Health System Inhaler Instructions
Improving Access to Spacers
Tisa Vorce
Tisa Vorce, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
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