Michigan Asthma Surveillance, Data and Reports

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Service's Bureau of Disease Control, Prevention and Epidemiology have compiled surveillance information and created comprehensive reports on the epidemiology of asthma in Michigan.

Asthma in the Elderly Population – 2018

This brief describes asthma prevalence and hospitalization statistics for the elderly population in Michigan.

Asthma by Race and Ethnicity – 2017

Summary of asthma prevalence, hospitalization, and mortality rates among different racial and ethnic populations in Michigan, including American Indian, Asian, and Arab populations.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey – 2017

This surveillance brief summarizes asthma-related data from the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. It includes national and state level lifetime asthma rates as well as data on certain health behaviors such as obesity, drug and alcohol use among those with current asthma.

Michigan Asthma Statistics Fact Sheet – 2016

This fact sheet outlines Michigan asthma statistics. It includes statistics on prevalence, education, management, quality of life, cost barriers, hospitalization, and mortality.

Disparities Fact sheet – 2015

This fact sheet highlights racial, gender, and socio-economic disparities in asthma burden in Michigan.

Medicaid Maps – 2013

This is a series of Michigan county maps that show asthma statistics on children in Medicaid.

Pediatric Performance Measures: Medicaid Claims Data

Medicaid claims data indicators include asthma prevalence, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, out-patient visits, spirometry tests and asthma medications (quick-relief and long term control) for enrolled clients. The data are restricted to children with continuous Medicaid enrollment (11 or more months in a calendar year) who had full Medicaid coverage and no other insurance. The Asthma Burden for Children in Medicaid-2012 report highlights the ongoing disparities in severe asthma outcomes and disease management trends in a variety of indicators measured with Medicaid claims data from 2005-2010. More Medicaid asthma data, including a searchable county-level database.

Hospitalization and Medicaid Asthma Statistics by Michigan County

Hospitalization Data

Hospitalizations are severe events that increase the risk of asthma death. Asthma hospitalizations are considered preventable - people with asthma can stay out of the hospital if their disease is managed properly. The data source for asthma hospitalization numbers and rates is the Michigan Inpatient Database, which includes almost all acute hospital discharges that occur in Michigan.

Asthma Hospitalization in Michigan Infographic

This infographic shows gender, race, and age differences in hospitalization numbers, and asthma hospitalization rates among children and adults in Michigan.

Hospitalization Rates, by Zip Code, for Michigan and Detroit, 2012-2014

This Michigan map shows asthma hospitalization rates by zip code, with a special emphasis on 2012-2014 in the Detroit region.

Hospitalization Surveillance Brief – 2017

This MDHHS Surveillance Brief includes information on asthma hospitalization trends by year and counties with high asthma hospitalization rates. Asthma hospitalization is an indicator of uncontrolled asthma.

Detroit: Current Status of the Asthma Burden – 2016

This presentation describes the disparities of asthma burden in Detroit compared to the rest of Michigan.

Saginaw Report – 2017

This report examines the burden of asthma in Saginaw County in comparison to the entire state using survey, hospitalization, Medicaid claims and mortality data.

Asthma Control and Clinical Management – 2013

This report describes changes in recent statistics on asthma management and treatment in children and adults using self-reported data on symptoms, activity limitations, missed school/work, ED visits, hospitalization, asthma education, routine care, and medication use.

Annual Report on Work-Related Asthma

In 1988, the State of Michigan, in partnership with Michigan State University and others, began tracking work-related asthma through mandatory reporting of any known or suspected occupational illnesses. The goal is to prevent work-related asthma through the identification of index patients, who may lead to the identification of employees from the same facilities who are also at risk of developing asthma or who have developed similar breathing problems.

Asthma Among Employed Adults, by Industry and Occupation – 21 States, 2013

Michigan data was used in this 21-state analysis on work-related asthma. The report includes statistics on current prevalence of asthma by industry and occupation categories.

Symptoms, Management and Productivity Loss among Michigan Adults – Michigan BRFSS Surveillance Brief

Asthma presents a significant burden and challenge in Michigan. Poor asthma control and severe asthma outcomes that could be prevented still occur among Michigan residents. This surveillance brief provides new statistics on self-reported symptoms, management and productivity loss among Michigan adults with asthma.

Michigan Asthma Call Back Survey

The Michigan Asthma Call-Back Survey has been conducted annually since 2005 in conjunction with the Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, sampling over 800 individuals with asthma living in Michigan each year. This survey covers the following areas of interest:
  • Demographic information
  • Age of diagnosis
  • History of previous asthma attacks
  • Activities limited due to asthma
  • Hospitalizations and emergency department visits due to asthma
  • Insurance status and history
  • Cost barriers
  • Environmental exposures in the home, school, and workplace.
    Read a surveillance brief that summarizes data on triggers such as tobacco smoke, indoor pets, mold and wood burning stoves as well as trigger avoidance behaviors such as no carpeting in bedrooms, use of mattress covers and washing sheets in hot water.
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnosis of co-morbidities such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and COPD
Standard tables based on these data are available below. Learn more about the Michigan Asthma Call-Back Survey methods or available data elements.

National Asthma Statistics

Important Terms

Definitions of statistics-related asthma terms used on this website, including: prevalence, rate, work-related asthma, asthma emergency department visits, asthma hospitalization, asthma death, persistent asthma and statistically significant result.


Brief descriptions of the ways the asthma statistics and surveillance data on this website are generated. Reports and other Michigan asthma surveillance data prior to 2010 have been archived.
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